Dirty Chai Magazine: Issue 9: Living Color

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Dirty Chai Magazine: Issue 9: Living Color

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Issue 9 of Dirty Chai Magazine wants you to be a part of the issue! This interactive issue invites you to come inside and play. Featured alongside vivid poetry, prose, and original artwork are *26* unique adult coloring sheets that are just begging you to bring them to life!

Featured Writers and Artists Include:

Aaron Schmoll

Abigail Van Kirk

Alissa Gold

Anney Bolgiano

Barbara Harroun

Bill Wolak

Brandon Flammang

Bruce McRae

Charlie Baylis

Christian J. Collier

Christopher Iacono

Christopher Morgan

Daniel Wu

Dianne Borsenik

Ella Inderieden

Jane-Rebecca Cannarella

Jemma Hoolahan

Jonathan Louis Duckworth

Julie Feng

Kayla Allen

Kirsti Anne Sandy

Kris Hall

Lily Wang

Lydia Shoup

Mahan L. Ellison

Mark Baumer

Martha Clarkson

Melanie Strouse

Melody Nielsen

Monica Saenz

Myron Michael

Nadia Bruce

Nolan Liebert

Norman Klein

Robert Vivian

Richard Vyse

Sarah Xerta

Sophie E. Moss

Tonya Eberhard

V.C. McCabe

Whitnee Jones

Yasmin Khan Murgai

++ An Exclusive Interview

with Allie Marini

Cover: “Dive” by Martha Clarkson

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